Iced Filter Coffee

Expert instruction on how to make an iced coffee at home, using filter coffee.

How to Brew

  1. First up you will want to prepare your ground coffee and set your kettle to boil.
  2. During this time, set your decanter on the scale and fill with your 200g of ice.
  3. Following this fold your V60 filter paper and place it in the brewer.
  4. After that’s ready you will want to rinse the filter paper with hot water over the sink (to moisten the filter paper but not melt the ice)

You’re now ready to brew

  1. Once everything is set, place your ground coffee in the brewer over the decanter and tare your scale to zero. You are now ready to brew.
  2. Start your timer as you begin to pour over the coffee grounds until you reach 75g. At this point take your stirrer and make sure all the coffee is incorporated with the hot water.
  3. As you reach 45s mark, begin your next pour starting in the middle and working in circles slowly outwards until you reach 300g.
  4. Total brewing time you are aiming for is 3:00. Once all the coffee has drained over the ice, take your stirrer and mix thoroughly.

Now you can sit back, enjoy the hot weather and sip your iced filter.


  • V60 Dripper
  • V60 Filter Paper
  • Kettle
  • Digital kitchen scales 
  • Timer (we used our phone for this)
  • Coffee (18g ground for filter)
  • 200g ice + some more to serve
  • Decanter
  • Stirrer