Cold Brew

For this it’s a very similar process to brewing a hot French press, the only two big differences are using cold water and an extended brew time.


  1. Grind your coffee and fill your French press brewer with the grounds.
  2. Next take your brewer and place it on the scales and zero it off.


  1. Using the best filtered water you can find, fill your brewer to 320g. For anyone with a brewer that’s maybe large or smaller, we advise to stick to a ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water. The best results will be yielded within a 60-70g/l range, if you prefer your coffee a little stronger push the ratio towards 70g/l.
  2. You can now either set the brewer aside or in the fridge (be careful here as if its exposed to open foods or anything with a strong smell it will leach flavours.) for between 12-18 hours. Play around with different brewing periods and find the results you like best


  • French press
  • Cold filtered water
  • Digital kitchen scales 
  • Coffee (20g ground for french press)

How to Brew: Cold Brew Concentrate

Now for all of you who are wanting to add milks, tonics, all kinds of experiments this next part is for you. Cold brew concentrates are a great way to get creative with your coffee as its completely up to you how you want to finish it.

For this, it’s not too dissimilar as before you just need to adjust your ratios of the previous method.

Now to achieve the right result there are a few variables at play. If you leave the grind size the same you will need to brew it for longer. If you wish to speed the process up then grind finer and you will be ready to dilute sooner.

The last variable to change is the ratio, this will affect how much coffee you taste through whatever you choose to dilute it with. Anywhere from 1:2 to 1:4 will get you a good starting point, then it’s up to you whether you like a stronger coffee flavour using a 1:2 or slightly more diluted at 1:4.

From here feel free to add whatever you like, tonics are great with orange peel. Oat milks are a strong favourite amongst our shops, but the list is endless.

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