Expert instruction on how to brew a consistently great tasting aeropress coffee at home, using filter coffee.


  1. Place the cap upside down on top of a mug and put a paper filter in the cap. Pour hot water over the paper filter to rinse it of any possible papery taste and to help create a seal between it and the cap.
  2. Assemble the AeroPress and place it in the “inverted” position on top of your scales. Put your ground coffee into the AeroPress and then zero your scales.


  1. With the first pour of water, we want to achieve around 3x the weight of the coffee (48g) in about 10 seconds, so it’ll be a relatively quick pour. So, start your timer and start to pour. Start from the centre and rotate the AeroPress if necessary, to ensure all grounds are saturated. Let it sit until the timer reaches 45sec.
  2. Fill your AeroPress to the top, around 240g on the scales. Stir gently for 5 seconds and then place the cap on top with the filter paper too.
  3. At approximately 1:30 sec get ready to test your hand eye coordination, as its time to carefully flip/rotate the entire AeroPress over/upright (carefully) & place it on your mug.
  4. Plunge! Over 20 sec, press firmly down on the AeroPress trying to keep a steady pace.
  5. Your coffee has now been brewed. The coffee will change flavour as it cools, so take some time to drink it. Enjoy!