Storing your coffee

For those of you who regularly buy coffee to drink at home, this one’s for you.

At Saint we always recommend to buy coffee as wholebeans and grind it as you use it. The reason being, is coffee loses more than 50% of its volatile aromatics once ground, your goal is to capture as much of this as possible before it’s released!

Grinding coffee is also one of the most satisfying things about preparing coffee, the aromas that fill the room are half of the reason we do what we do!

Once you’ve ground coffee you're giving it a small lifespan, we don’t tend to recommend working with pre-ground coffee longer than 1-2 weeks depending on the coffee. By that time, everything that you’re paying for is lost and you’re essentially left with stale coffee.

When it comes to storing coffee there is also a lot of misnomers out there. Airtight is always best and out of sunlight is also key. We have a stylish coffee cannister from Frank Green just for this purpose! The BIGGEST mistake you can make storing coffee is by putting it in the fridge. You’re introducing a world of problems here, if you don’t believe us then store your coffee in the fridge next to some fresh tomatoes and see how your next brew tastes!

Ground coffee in particular will absorb the flavours of whatever surrounds it. It’s one of the positives and negatives about storing ground coffee in the fridge. Looking to get rid of an odour? Leave a cup of ground coffee exposed in the fridge and it will take care of it.

When it comes to storing beans, we recommend airtight (in the bag they come in is fine) and store that in your cupboard away from sunlight. Definitely don’t place it in the fridge, but you can place it in the freezer! You may even see some benefits from grinding the coffee straight from frozen as the beans tend to grind more evenly as they become more brittle.

Looking for a coffee grinder? We have a range of hand and electric grinders to suit every budget.