How do we source our coffee

Sourcing coffee in 2020 is an interesting subject for a company like us. In a specialty coffee sector filled with buzzwords including: direct trade, ethically sourced, sustainable, relationship coffees and many more it can be difficult to appear genuine and even harder to have the impact you wish to achieve.

For a company of our size, we rely on importers for the majority of our purchasing. Whether that be fulfilling shipments from direct relationships or buying from their spot list, they are a large part of how we achieve a great offering for our customers.

The industry is quick to point the finger at middle men, but without them most of us would be without coffee.

Rather than point the finger, it’s down to us to do our due diligence on who we work with. With Saint, that’s a big focus for us and has guided a lot of our buying practices this year and for years to come.

We are slowly building relationships with producers at origin and intend to expand upon those relationships in the coming years. For those of you familiar with our offerings, this year is our second year working with Diana and Hector from Finca Buenos Aires in Guatemala and we’re proud to be purchasing coffee from such great producers. Their hard work is reflected in the product, this coffee is clean and fruit forward showcasing everything their terroir has to bring to the table.

Coffee can often be over complicated, for us we aim to showcase the efforts of the farmers we work with and all those who helped the process from seed to cup.

Expect to see more from us regarding the individual producers we work with and the companies that help us bring their wonderful coffees to you.