Iconic - Elmer Masache, Peru


When rarity meets true impact its something to be celebrated, and this iconic is an example of just that!


The coffee

This coffee is a nano-lot - with less than 140kg produced, contributing to its rarity. In addition, it has undergone the natural process, which is less common in this region. We often see washed coffees, and honey, but to find a natural is a bit of a gem. 

This coffee is beautifully sweet and complex, and reminds us of blackberry old fashioned, with a hint of tropical and a twist of orange.  Excitingly, this coffee also supports the preservation of Paddington’s cousins in Peru. Cheers to that!

Origin: Cajamarca, Peru

Producer: Elmer Masache,Cooperative ‘Agragaria Frontera San Ignacio’

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai 

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1700 masl


The producer

Elmer Masache is a member of the  Cooperative ‘Agragaria Frontera San Ignacio’ (COOPAFSI) and one of the producers of ‘El Oso’, a coffee which we will be offering again on our Angel filter range. ‘El Oso’ coffee is  part a project established between DRWakefield and COOPAFSI which, alongside contibuting to the preservation of the bears, focusses on supporting the production of consistent high-scoring micro-lots that bring extra premiums to its members. 

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