Angel Espresso - 28 Coffee Pods


"Discover Your Neighbourhood Coffee in Every Capsule"

The coffee

This is the same great coffee you will find in our served up in our stores. A full bodied and balanced coffee from the southernmost state of Brazil, this coffee pod boasts flavours of almond, chocolate, and cherry, with a gentle acidity which compliments.

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Producer: Fernando Beloni

Variety: Paraiso

Process: Natural

Altitude: 980 - 1139masl

Flavour Notes: Chocolate, Almond, Cherry


The producer

Fernando Beloni is a producer we have been working with for a few years now, and this latest lot from him matches up, even supersedes, the quality and taste we expect from him. This particular crop is a natural processed red catuai which gives it a round textured body and lots of sweetness. Over the past three years, Beloni has been a huge part of the Regenagri Initiative, concentrating on increasing the soil health of his farms, and stimulating biodiversity; these sustainable practices are another reason we are excited to be working alongside Fernando, and serving his delicious coffee to you.

Part of our core approach is to not just buy coffee, but to work with producers, helping both parties grow and develop, and our Angel Espresso offering is a great demonstration of this tenant, as we continue our fruitful relationship with the Beloni family.



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