Angel Decaf - 28 Coffee Pods


"Discover Your Neighbourhood Coffee in Every Capsule"


The coffee

A sweet and creamy decaf, with clean notes of crisp red apple, toffee, and chocolate in the finish, with a silky body, and gentle acidity.

Origin: Caldas, Colombia

Producer: La Aurora

Variety: Variedad Colombia , Castillo

Process: Natural / Sugarcane E.A. decaf

Altitude:  1800masl 

Flavour Notes: Red Apple, Toffee, Chocolate


The producer

‘La Aurora’ and ‘Jamaica’ are the names of the purchasing point and  processing station of this highly dedicated group, need Villamaría,  located amongst the altitudinous heights of the Caldas department in central Colombia. Around 50 local farmers sell their cherries to Villamaría,  an unusual practice in Colombia, as most sell their coffee still in parchment to either a wider cooperative, or do the processing themselves. This unique approach has greatly expanded coffee production in the local area, and improved quality as well.

The station is focused on high quality natural and honey coffees, and  With the aid of Nuna dehydrator and mechanical drying systems, controlling humidity and temperature throughout the drying process aids the processing of honey and natural lots. This particular lot is a naturally processed EA decaf, which means the decaffeination process is done by the utilisation of Ethyl acetate derived from naturally fermented sugarcane harvested in the local area; this method is not only better for the environment, but also preserves the flavour of the coffee, bringing a delightfully clean and full-flavour decaf to our offering. The coffee was dried for 15 days in a temperature controlled greenhouse, then in a mechanical dryer for consistency.


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