Saint x Ease - Unwind Candle


Limited edition, now available.

Saint's newest collaboration project is with South West London brand, Ease London. Founded by Alice, back in 2020, we are delighted to share two tailor-made candles as part of the Saint lifestyle range. 

Unwind: Chocolate, Orange, Almond

We give you 'Unwind, a nod to fuelling mornings across London, and guaranteed to add some calm amongst the chaos. 

All Ease candles are hand poured and made by Alice in London and are made using 100% natural wax. After extensive testing, Alice finally decided on a coconut and rapeseed blend of wax which is much better for the environment and also for your health.

Coconut wax is renewable and a high yield crop which makes it a great sustainable source and non GMO product. Rapeseed oil is produced in the UK and Europe so travels fewer air miles than other waxes on the market. It is also completely sustainable with zero pressures on intensive farming.

Not only do they sound amazing when they crackle but wooden wicks are also better for the environment. The majority of cotton wicks are coated in paraffin to make them easier to light. On the other hand, wooden wicks are much more sustainable as thousands of wicks can be produced from a single tree. An added benefit is that they produce next to no smoke or black soot compared with cotton wicks.

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