Producer - Alex Ponce, Honduras


Oozing with tropical island vibes, this naturally processed Honduran coffee  is an elevated example of great naturally processed Central American coffees.


The coffee


Origin: Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

Producer: Alex Ponce

Varietal: Pacas, Lempira

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1600 masl


The producer

Alex Ponce's journey with coffee began in childhood, working on his father's farm. In 2013, Alex seized an opportunity when his uncle offered to sell him a property in Cabañas, La Paz, where his family originates. With savings from his previous factory job, Alex purchased the property and began planting coffee the following year. Today, his dad assists in managing the farm while Alex focuses on expanding operations.

This year, Alex expanded his drying station by adding more raised beds to increase drying space, especially during cloudy days or the harvest season with less sun.

This lot is processed naturally. Ripe cherries are placed on raised beds the same day as picking and dried until achieving the required moisture level. Throughout the drying process, beans are raked every 30 minutes and hand-sorted to remove defective beans.  

Think mango sauce drizzled on a bed of vanilla ice cream and delicately adorned with coconut flakes, or piña colada, either way you're in for a good time. We hope you enjoy this elevated example of Honduran coffee. 

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