At Saint we carefully source and roast exceptional, single origin coffees from around the world at our Roastery in Hackney Wick.

We are committed to helping our partners achieve their vision by offering not only incredible coffee but a range of support services including training, equipment sourcing, technical support and expertise that comes from over 11 years experience and a network of independent cafes.

Through partnerships at origin and working closely with renowned importers, we ethically source a range of delicious coffees to suit all palettes. 

House collection - Sweet, Balanced, Smooth
Our house collection focuses on everyday, easy-drinking coffees, great for your morning cup or when brewing up a batch for friends or family. Expect smooth and deep coffees with notes of chocolate, nuts and berries.

Partnership & Producer collection - Sweet, fruity, balanced
Our partnership/producer collection coffees are fruit-forward packed full of sweet, dark fruit and juicy flavours. Still balanced with undertones of toffee, chocolate and nut. This collection highlights our relationship with the farmers who produce our coffees.

Iconic collection - Light, bright, intriguing
Our iconic collection features coffees from around the world that score exceptionally well, are often processed in a way that deliver clean, clear flavour notes that tend to highlight a bolder acidity and defined flavours such as pineapple, cola and jasmine.

Limited release - Exotic, exciting, rare
Our limited release coffees are harvested in small batches and are processed using experimental or new processing methods such as champagne yeast fermentation, extended fermentation or anaerobic. They might also feature new, rare or exotic varietals. You can expect wild flavours and intense notes of characteristics not often associated with coffee.

We work closely with our partners to offer unlimited training both in-house, at our flagship Roastery and training lab, or at your establishment. From learning how coffee is produced, optimising workflow to creating the perfect flat white, our partnership support team is there to help at every step of your journey.


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