Saint x Dimi Hand Thrown Ceramics

These beautiful, hand thrown cups (and now full ceramic collection!) have been created in collaboration with our coffee team here at Saint Espresso. They were crafted by hand in East London by the super talented Dimitris Papailias, owner of throwing muses, just around the corner from our Hackney Wick Roastery. We wanted to provide a natural and stylish ceramic range with an aim to enhance your home brewing experience.

With the collection now including a cup, dripper and milk jug, we encourage you to brew, pour and sip in style.

We are really proud of this collaboration and are excited for you to enjoy them when brewing at home. Our fascination for the pottery process grows as we caught up with Dimi to find out a little more about the world of ceramics...

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how your throwing muses business came about?

Everything started just before the pandemic, I always wanted to give it a try but I never had time. I started with an eight week course and I knew from the first class that it was something I wanted to do for a long time. After I finished the course, I applied for a membership in the studio and since then I've been working on my own pieces. 

2. What makes these Saint ceramics special?

The minimal straight line design with an angled bottom, creates a shadow that elevates the cup when it's placed on a surface. It's an every day use kind of cup with a unique look.

3. Do you have a coffee routine?

I've worked in coffee for over 10 years now, and I always take five minutes every morning to make myself a nice cup of coffee before I can start with my day. I enjoy a fruity Ethiopian coffee, always black.  

4. What's the most exciting piece you have ever created?

I like making big sculpture pieces that I carve by hand, because each of them is unique and they are my signature pieces.

5. Tell us a bit about the classes you teach at turning earth...

Since I started working as a technician, I've been assisting on classes, and have found that everyone has a unique way of teaching when it comes to ceramics. My way is to work from the creative part of each one of my students, from there we can experiment with different techniques until they find the one they can express themselves better with.  


6. What is it you love about your neighbourhood?

Living in East London is amazing, from all the different people and characters that you see and meet in the street, to all the places to go, it all feels very warm and peaceful. Living between London fields and Victoria Park for the last six years has made me feel of London as my home, since most of my friends are always around and there is always something going on.  

You can view Dimi's beautiful creations on his Instagram account, or head to his etsy shop to discover more. 

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