Uganda - Kingha Estate

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Uganda - Kingha Estate


Uganda Kingha Estate -

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A new arrival from Uganda is the Kingha estate lot from producers Kingsley Griffin and Maha Sarraf. This is our second coffee purchase from Uganda and we’re excited to have a new region on our shelves.

This coffee grown at an altitude of 1450m boasts notes of (NICK FILL IN) with a great buttery feel and golden raisin finish.
Similar to our coffees from Kenya this Ugandan coffee consists of the coffee varieties: SL14 and SL28.

Behind the cup you will find a producer who cares about community and education, Maha Sarraf holds weekly agricultural education programmes and facilitates visits from the local schools where they can learn about farm practices and financing a business, which is done free of charge.

Being close to Kenya and growing similar varieties you will often find fruitiness in the cup for Ugandan coffees, however this one is lower grown and doesn’t present the same acidity that Kenyan coffees are known for.

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