Filter- Uganda, White Nile - 250g


Filter- Uganda, White Nile - 250g


Uganda White Nile

We were very excited when we first tried this coffee. So excited that we decided to buy it, expertly roast it and share it with the world. When you will be drinking it, think of Maple Syrup and Pecans with an underlying note of Vanilla. Delicious!

General Info

Farm: Kawacom Paidha Sustainable Project

Varietal: SL 14 & Catimor

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried (finished in mechanical driers)

Altitude: 1,450 to 1,800 metres above sea level

Owner: Various smallholder farmers

Town / City: Nyagak-Paidha, Zombo district

Region: Northern Uganda - West Nile region

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