Slopes of 8 AA, Kenya


A classic Kenyan profile with a jammy character with notes of blackcurrant and green apple.

The Slopes of 8 project groups eight farmers on neighbouring hills on the slopes of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga county. The cherries from these eight farmers were processed at the facilities on their own land instead of at a central wet mill. Kenyacof bought the lot directly from them, bypassing the auction, so the return to the farmers would be larger. The small and medium estate sector in Kenya has, until now, been frequently overlooked. Especially when it comes to dry milling, small estate owners have found themselves unable to mill their parchment and maintain traceability, which lowers their overall returns and removes potential for name recognition and direct-trade relationship. They've also not received the agronomic support that they often need. 

Sucafina Kenya have helped change all this. Small to medium estate owners, such as the Slopes of 8 group, receive regular visits, access to agricultural inputs and advice regarding a wide range of practices - from pruning, to fertilization to erosion control. With this support, they improve agricultural practices, and thus yields and coffee quality. Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AA beans are the largest size. AA grade coffees are those that are 17/18.5 screen size, meaning that they are larger than 7.2 millimetres.

Suggested filter brew recipe: 18g / 160sec / 300g

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