Sítio Morro Vermelho, Brazil


An elevated example of the classic Minas Gerais flavour profile from Brazil. Dense, sweet milk chocolate with subtle cherry acidity.

The producer

After leaving home to pursue studies and then work as an electrical engineer, Caique de Paula da Mata returned to his family farm to help his parents, Menequele and Nadia.

We purchased this natural-processed coffee through an auction with the cooperative Sancoffee. Sancoffee is a collective of producers (of whom Caique is one of 250 members) in an area called Campo da Vertentes. Located in the heart of the famous Minas Gerais region, Sancoffee is focused on preserving the rich biodiversity of Campo das Vertentes as well as fostering a sustainable community in the area through social development initiatives.

Suggested filter brew recipe: 18g / 180s / 300g

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