Rewind 2023 - Colombia X Ethiopia


This is a special edition release for our producer category called ‘Rewind 2023’
We’re bringing together Davier Matoma of Colombia and Israel Degfa of Ethiopia in the form of a blend.


The coffee

Origin: Colombia X Ethiopia

Producer: Davier Matoma X Israel Degfa

Varietal: Castillo X Gesha

Process: Semi washed X Natural


The producer

Davier Matoma continues to represent a future generation of coffee farmers in a world where the younger generation has moved away from the farms, being only 30 yrs old himself and already carrying forward a tradition of exceptional coffee. His Castillo really was a 2023 showstopper!

Israel Degfa produced a beautiful shade-grown Gesha, a variety well known for its rarity, elegance and floral notes, which was used by one of our team in the UK Barista Championship.

Alongside celebrating iconic producers, ‘Rewind 2023’ showcases how blending two origins (Colombia x Ethiopia), varieties (Castillo x Gesha) and processing methods (Semi-washed x Natural) can create a balanced and exceptional new experience. You can expect notes of dried apricot, chamomile, and orange marmalade.

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