Angel Filter - Passiflora, Colombia


Always rich, always sweet; a seasonal coffee from one of our favourite origins, roasted to taste great as a filter coffee.


From the Tolima region of Colombia, this coffee brings a sweet treacle and cashew character with subtle red grape acidity. 

A true Saint Coffee Roastery favourite, we’re very happy to have the opportunity to bring back Passiflora from Colombia into our offering, and to feature it as our new filter coffee in the Angel Collection.  Produced by approx. 35 organic-certified producers in Planadas, we're proud to support the work of Cedro Alto and AGROPROCEM (Asociatión De Agricultores y Productores de Café Especial de Montalvo) who give us access to this fantastic coffee.


Origin: Colombia

Producer: Various smallholder farmers in South Tolima region

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Process: Washed

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