Angel Filter - Sipro, Mexico


Always rich, always sweet; a seasonal coffee from one of our favourite origins, roasted to taste great as a filter coffee.


Our newest Angel Filter coffee offering is from a small up-and- coming cooperative based in Mexico called ‘Sierra Productora de Cafe’, or SIPRO for short. Their farms are located just across the border from the well-loved Huehuetenango region in Guatemala, thus sharing the rich climatic conditions required to produce excellence in the cup. This particular Caturra and Mundo Novo lot aims to exhibit this terroir by using the washed process.

Uniqueness and transparency are at the heart of what SIPRO acheive, and it is for this reason that they chose the famed and indigenous Axolotl as their emblem to be featured on all their coffee sacks.

Seeing as this image is so important to the farmers at SIPRO and their proud Mexican heritage, we wanted to share this journey, and its significance with you.


Origin: Chiapas, Mexico

Producer: Sierra Productora de Cafe (SIPRO)

Varietal: Caturra, Mondo Novo

Process: Washed

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