Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs


Created from single farm sourced cocoa beans, these charming foiled eggs (12 in each bag), contain two distinctly different milk chocolates to be compared and contrasted. This milk chocolate bag is made up of pink-foiled Madagascar Milk 58%, with hints of red fruits and caramel and blue-foiled Ecuador Dark Milk 60% tastes of nuts, toffee and double cream. 

Ingredients - cocoa beans, cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, milk powder. We also handle gluten, dairy, seeds & nuts on the premises.

Sustainability - The Easter Egg sleeves are made from 100% ECF renewable virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests, and is completely recyclable. The eggs are wrapped in aluminium foil which can be recycled with your local council. They are packed in cellophane bags which can be recycled and are 100% bio-degradable.

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