Las Palomas, Costa Rica


The newest coffee in our Iconic Collection, Las Palomas starts with an intense white-sugary hit that develops into a rich, mouth-filling treacle sweetness as it cools.  Another super-clean, natural-processed coffee, it's perfumed with a heady mix of tropical fruit and peach.

The producer

A truly family business, Las Palomas is run and managed by siblings Daniel and Maria Monge Garcia, the fourth generation of coffee farmers in their family.  They took over from their father Don Jorge after he passed away in September 2020.  

They are members of the ASOPROAAA cooperative (Association of Agricultural Producers of Acosta and Asseri) who not only offer financial and technical assistance to members who need it, but also handle the post-harvest processing of coffee from the Monge Garcia family.  Coffee from Las Palomas is processed as Washed and Honey lots, as well as the Natural lot we have here.

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