Koke, Ethiopia


About this coffee

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Koke Washing Station

Varietal: Ethiopian Landraces

Process: Washed

This washed process coffee is a classic example of the Ethiopian flavour profile. Super floral, with notes of black tea and bergamot on a base of dark chocolate, we’re excited to have this coffee in our lineup for a limited time.


The producer

The second coffee to feature in our offering from this most recent crop out of Ethiopia.

Koke is the name of the washing station where this coffee was processed. Located on the outside edge of Yirgacheffe town in the Gedeo zone, Koke has 10 fermentation tanks and process cherries purchased from producers in the surrounding area. As is typical in Ethiopia, these producers work on a super small scale, growing coffee in their gardens intercropped with other subsistence crops.

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