2022 Rewind (Shipping from February 8th)

2022 Rewind Coffees:

Favourite coffees from across our collections from 2022.  


We've held on to a small amount of our 7 favourite coffees from 2022, so you can try them all in one complete set, or, buy an individual bag if you have eyes set on a particular bag.  Once they're gone, they're gone!

Please note, these will be roasted on February 6th and shipped from February 8th.

Box set contains 210g of coffee (30g of each one).


Available Coffees (in no particular order...)

Tano Ndogo AB, Kenya (Washed)
sweet lemon sorbet, blackberry, stewed rhubarb

Duwancho, Ethiopia (Natural)
jasmine, tropical fruit, peach

Roberto Sabillon, Honduras (Washed)
raisin, dark chocolate, pear, praline

Odaco, Ethiopia (Natural)
apricot, lavender, raspberry, lime

Las Palomas, Costa Rica (Natural)
tropical, peach, treacle

Nyarubuye, Rwanda (Washed)
muscovado sugar, red fruits, creamy

Kenissa, Ethiopia (Washed)
lime, jasmine, honey

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Complete Box Set (free shipping)

Tano Ndogo AB - Kenya

Duwancho - Ethiopia

Roberto Sabillon - Honduras

Odaco - Ethiopia

Las Palomas - Costa Rica

Nyarubuye - Rwanda

Kenissa - Ethiopia