Iconic - Kinini, Rwanda


The Iconic range exhibits excellence in coffee; an unparalleled sensory experience which to us defines the possibilities of the beverage we all know and love. 


The coffee

A favourite coffee of ours and returning for a second year in a row, this late-harvest, natural processed coffee from the Kinini washing station Rwanda is a high scoring, meticulously processed festive treat.

Origin: Rulindo, Rwanda

Producer: Kinini Washing Station

Varietal: Bourbon, BM139, BM71, Jackson

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2000 masl


The producer

Natural processed coffees have been very uncommon from Rwanda until recent years. This has meant that producers dipping their toe into natural (or, dry) processing have been able to lean on the learnings of other producing origins, often yielding incredible results. This coffee is just such an example of the country’s steep development curve in quality. With a sticky, sweet character full of festive date, dried strawberry and vanilla notes


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