Christmas Blend 2022


About this coffee

Origin: Brazil and Ethiopia

Producer: Fernando Beloni and Israel Degfa

Varietal: Mundo Novo and Gesha

Process: Natural

This blend has a deliciously festive flavour profile with candied orange and toasted hazelnut notes. With a creamy black forest base, it’s the perfect coffee to share with friends and family over the festive season.


The producers

Composed of two coffees sourced from our importing partner, Kamba Coffee, we have blended our signature coffee from Fazenda Santa Cruz in Brazil, with a stunning natural processed Gesha from the Gelana farm in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.  This is a festive treat that works great both as an espresso and brewed as a filter.

In addition to celebrating our relationship with Fernando Beloni (the owner of Fazenda Santa Cruz, a key relationship for us at Saint Coffee Roasters), this blend presents an opportunity to showcase the incredible work of Israel Degfa.  A legend in the coffee community in Ethiopia, his Gelana farm is a high-tech, forward-looking wonderland.  Largely operating under greenhouse conditions, the farm has a team of agronomists contributing to a variety of research in the face of climate change.

Embrace the festive spirit, and try both of our festive coffees with the Christmas Twin Pack.

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