Angel Decaf - El Carmen, Colombia


All of the flavour, none of the caffeine hit.  Roasted for espresso but equally delicious as a filter, enjoy this Colombian coffee any time of the day.


From an association of coffee farmers who all live near the town
El Carmen in the Huila region of Colombia, this coffee is sourced through our importing friends Raw Material. Committed to ensuring producers can rely on stable prices that are always greater than
the cost of production, as well as helping to facilitate sharing
of knowledge throughout the supply chain, Raw Material are a community interest company that we’re proud to be working with.

For more info on our Angel Decaf, click HERE.


Origin: Colombia

Producer: Several smallholders, Huila Region

Varietal: Caturra/Castillo

Process: Washed and then decaffeinated with E.A. (Sugarcane)

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