Welcome to Saint Rewards.

What is Saint Rewards?

Saint Rewards is a loyalty scheme designed to reward Saint customers. The scheme is operated on a points accrual basis and is available to all individual account holders. Points can be exchanged for vouchers which hold a monetary value which are redeemable at www.saintespresso.com only. 

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned through the following methods: 

Make a purchase

Each £1.00 spent at saintespresso.com is worth 1 Saint Reward point. Points are only issued to the full (£) value, for example if you spend £9.50, you will receive 9 Saint Reward points. There may be opportunity to accrue additional Saint Reward points when making purchases if we are running promotions. 

Create an account

Create an account at saintespresso.com and accept marketing. We will issue 200 Saint Reward points within 10 working day(s). 

Birthday Bonus

Add your date of birth to your account and we will issue 300 Saint Reward points within 10 working day(s). 


You can now refer Saint to your friends and family through a unique URL located within your account. You can share this URL via email, social media or any other method you choose. When someone uses your unique URL they will receive a £5.00 discount on their first order. Upon successful completion of that purchase, you as the referrer will receive 500 Saint Reward points, which can be redeemed immediately. 

You can share your unique URL with as many people as you like and there is no limit on the number of people that you refer. However, if we believe that you are using the referral programme fraudulently, then we may suspend your Saint Rewards account. 

How can I spend points? 

You can use your Saint Rewards points to activate discount vouchers applied to your account. Vouchers are available in the following increments: 

£5.00 = 500 Saint Rewards points

£10.00 = 1000 Saint Rewards points

£20.00 = 2000 Saint Rewards points

Saint Rewards points cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-transferable across individuals or accounts. 

Do points expire?

Yes, points are valid for 12 months from issue (this may be the date of the qualifying action or the date issued by Saint). After this period points will expire and will be removed from your Saint Rewards points balance. Once the points have expired they cannot be re-issued. 

Additional Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend, suspend or withdraw the Saint Rewards scheme at any time. 

Should we make any changes to the terms relating to Saint Rewards updates will be noted on this page. We may choose to notify you of these changes via email to the email address registered with the Saint Rewards scheme. 

We can suspend or withdraw the Saint Rewards scheme at any time without notice. Where the scheme is suspended your points will remain in your account but you will not be able to convert the points into vouchers. Where the scheme is withdrawn any and all accrued Saint Reward points are forfeited.