Covid-19 Update - 01.01.21

Dear Customers,

Our sites have now been converted into Takeaway only outlets.

Your safety is our key priority. We are adhering to Public Health England and government guidelines in order to minimise all relevant risks related to the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Please refer below to all the measures we currently have in place to do so. These are in place to keep you and our staff safe so we can continue to serve you, our lovely neighbourhoods delicious coffee and treats during a worrying time. Please respect these measures.


  • We will only be allowing one customer at a time to enter any of our sites. Clear outlined designated queuing marks are displayed in order to highlight a two-meter distance from each customer. Clear outlined marks are displayed in all of our sites to highlight a 2-meter distance within our sites. 
  • You must wear a mask when entering our stores and walking around. You may remove your mask once you are seated. This is to keep you and our staff safe   
  • We are now minimising all physical contact with customers. This includes contactless only payments and a designated space where drinks and food will be left for customers to pick up themselves. Where this is not possible, surfaces such as card readers, portafilters, espresso machine buttons and tills are now frequently sanitized in 15-minute intervals.
  • Antibacterial hand-gel is available for our customers to use and we encourage you to use this
  • Keep cups or any other item will not be accepted for the foreseeable future.  
  • Loyalty cards have now been reconfigured in such a way so no physical contact is required for their use.

Our staff and locations have been made safer for you

  • All of our staff wash their hands once they enter the store to start their shift and will continue to wash them at a minimum of 30- minute intervals
  • Antibacterial gel and washing liquid is available at all our sites for our team to use.
  • Our staff will be wearing 3 layered masks with a particle filtration efficiency of > 95% as a preventative measure.
  • We have disposable single use gloves at all of our locations for our team to use when required.  
  • We have taken additional measures to increase ventilation in all of our sites. Keeping doors open throughout the service / there's an industry marker of L of air/Second per customer which is achieved with this simple solution.   
We will continue to update our measures as advised by Public Health England, the government and local councils so please check back for current updates.