Expert instruction for the perfect cup of coffee using your French Press.

French Press Items.jpg


  • French Press
  • Ground Coffee (coarse)
  • Kettle with water just off boiling
  • Digital Kitchen Scales
  • Timer

French Press Coffee Ratio:

  • 3-cup = 17g coffee / 275ml water
  • 4-cup = 27g coffee / 430ml water
  • 8-cup = 54g coffee / 860ml water


  • Start by filling the French Press with hot water. Leave the hot water to heat up the French Press including plunger before discarding this water.
  • Place the ground coffee into the French Press using the correct ratio and gently shake it to settle.
  • Go ahead and add about half your water into the French Press and start your timer.
  • At the 30 sec mark, gently give your coffee a stir to make sure all the grounds are well saturated.
  • Fill the French Press with the remaining water and place the lid on, plunger pulled up.
  • Wait for four minutes, then slowly push down the plunger to filter the coffee from the water.
  • Your coffee has now been brewed. The coffee will change flavour as it cools, so take some time to drink it. Enjoy!
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