Angel Blend


Our signature blend is great as espresso or enjoyed as a filter. Rich with a soft caramel finish, expect flavour notes of hazelnut, milk chocolate and a caramel sweetness. 

Tasting Notes

Flavour notes of hazelnut, chocolate and the sweetness of caramel makes this the perfect coffee enjoyed black or with milk for a softer finish. 


Our Colombia partner. Cedro Alto, a coffee farmer collective has co-ordinated and incentivized this small group of coffee farmers to carry out extended in-cherry and aerobic fermentation in order to create a balanced profile of brown sugar, orange and a medium citric acidity.

Our Brazil partner. The Vilela family work in harmony with nature growing their coffee among springs and waterfalls. The natural coffees are delivered to the patio directly after sorting where they lay in the sun for 12 days to reach the target humidity of 12%.



Dose: 18g - Time: 25s - Yield: 38g 


Dose: 18.5g - Time: 3m - Yield: 300g

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