Christmas Angel Blend 2023


Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a harmonious blend that transcends generations, uniting family and friends in joyous festivities. We are thrilled to present a special holiday treat that encapsulates the essence of the season – a fusion of our favorite coffees from two exceptional producers.

Indulge in a new batch of the classic naturally processed Fazenda Horizontina, grown by our trusted friend and producer, Fernando Beloni. This coffee, sweet and rich, serves as the perfect complement to the lively and vibrant washed Colombian coffee from our iconic range, sourced from the talented Davier Matoma, one of our youngest producers.

This unique union gives notes of sweet toffee, velvety chocolate, and the lively essence of cranberries. This blend is not merely a coffee; it is a shared experience, a toast to the festive season, and a tribute to the excellence of these two remarkable producers. Join us in raising a cup in celebration and savouring the magic of Christmas with this exceptional coffee blend.


The coffee

Origin: Brazil and Colombia

Producers: Fernando Beloni + Davier Matoma

Variety: Paraiso + Castillo

Process: Natural + Semi-washed




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