Tano Ndogo AB, Kenya


The unique and extraordinary flavours that this coffee holds is remarkable, bright with layers of complex berries as well as streaks of wine toned acidity wrapped in sweet fruit. 

Tano Ndogo was established in 1965 and is exclusively using the variety SL28 where the most nuanced coffee characteristics can be found. This, along with an altitude of 1,820 brings about some great complexity in the cup. The Muuru brothers: Francis, David, James, John and Joseph are experienced coffee farmers as can be seen by the excellent condition of their trees which each yielded a respectable 30 KG of cherry in the harvest of 2018/19. This year the farm produced around 180 bags of coffee in total. This fantastic coffee from the Muuru brothers boasts notes of sweet lemon sorbet, blackberry and stewed rhubarb.

Suggested filter brew recipe: 18g / 180sec / 300g

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