Producer - Koke, Ethiopia


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The coffee


Origin: Yirgacheffe region, Gedeo zone, Ethiopia

Producer: Koke Washing Station

Varietal: Dega, kudhume, Wolisho

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1870-1900 masl


The producer


In line with our sourcing ethos, we are excited to be bringing back one of our favourite Ethiopian coffees from our producer range last year: ‘Koke’. The coffee is named after the Koke washing station, which is located in the Yirgacheffe region of the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia. This region has a longstanding reputation for producing extremely high quality Ethiopian coffee, and the beans you are about to enjoy are a beautiful example of this.

Contrast to last year, where we purchased the washed process version of the coffee, this coffee has been naturally processed. Because the natural process involves leaving the coffee bean inside of its cherry whilst drying, rather than removing the cherry and drying the coffee bean on its own, you can expect a higher level of sweetness and intensity of flavour. The coffee has then been profiled to further highlight the typical juicy character. In the cup you can expect a florality followed by vibrant notes of white peach, aromatic notes of Earl Grey, and a comforting note of apricot both in taste and texture.

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