Producer - Fernando Beloni, Brazil


Carefully sourced coffees which exhibit the hard work and role of coffee producers from around the world: clean, vibrant, unique, and with a story to tell.


About this coffee

A complex mixture of cola, pineapple, and subtle chocolate in the finish, all over a round creamy base. This coffee has a classic anaerobic acidity, but is much more balanced, and avoids those overly-fermented notes in the finish; an excellent example of how impactful the processing is.

Origin: Brazil

Producer: Fernando Beloni

Variety: Paraiso

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 980-1139masl


The producer

The producer range coffees are chosen to display the hard work of the farmers we work with, and highlight their impact. This coffee is a great example of the innovation used by coffee farmers across the world, and how they can create unique coffees for us all to enjoy. Hailing from Minas Gerais Brazil, Fernando Beloni, who is the producer of our Angel Espresso, has demonstrated the impact of coffee processing to deliver us a very unique flavour profile, which stands out against the backdrop of usual Brazilian Coffee: with intense notes of cola, pineapple, and chocolate in the finish as it cools. 

Fernando took this Paraiso Lot from their 1139masl estate, and fermented the ripe cherries for 60hours in an anaerobic environment, which further enhances the acidity of the coffee, and develops the sugars into a more intense expression of themselves: bringing forward those bright and bold tasting notes we find in the cup.

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