Angel Filter - Gaterama, Burundi


A balanced, sweetness-oriented filter coffee, specially selected as a great go-to brew, and can be found across all our sites on batch-filter.


The coffee

Origin: Gitega, Burundi

Producer: Gaterama

Varietal: Bourbon, Mibirizi

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1600 - 1850masl


The producer

The Angel Filter coffee offering is oriented towards sweetness
structure, and body, all of which are found in abundance within this
boldly-flavoured coffee from the Gaterama washing-station in the
Gitega province of Burundi.

This washing station has been purchasing coffee from farmers
surrounding the local town of Gaterama for nearly 12 years, but
this support goes beyond just contributing to the economic
growth of the locals, it goes to the environment too. Gaterama
have been shade-growing their coffee since its inception, and
their tree of choice is the endangered variety of Cherry tree called
Umuremera, and it is this utilisation which has helped prevent the
plant's extinction. The natural processing used, in combination
with the higher altitude, help balance this coffee's sweet and bright profile.
With its unique flavour, and resonant story, this particular coffee is a perfect fit into the Angel Filter range this season. Fantastic over ice, or equally enjoyable when brewed hot; we cannot wait for you to try it.

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