Finca Buenos Aires, Guatemala


A round cup featuring deep notes of red grapes, a cherry mouthfeel and a pleasant smooth chocolate finish.

Diana and Hector were born into coffee and it has been part of their family history since the late 1800’s when their ancestors arrived at the isolated land of Aqua Dulce, Huehuetenango. They established a sugar cane plantation at first but without much luck they came to a decision to make a change and plant coffee. That is when their love and passion for coffee initiated and stayed within the family until this day. Today, Diana and Hector run three farms in the Huehuetenango region. Finca Buenos Aires is located in the heart of the coffee zone of Huehuetenango region at 1500masl. We are grateful that we can support and collaborate together for a better future of the coffee community and industry.

Suggested espresso brew recipe: 18g / 30 sec / 40g


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