Our Milk

We use Brades Farm Original Barista Milk in all of our Saint Espresso coffee shops for its consistency of flavour and sustainable supply chain.

At Brades Farm, their milk is designed for baristas to create consistently delicious coffee with latte art that holds. It is fully traceable back to their family farm in the stunning Lune Valley.

The milk is a blend of Jersey and Holstein, has a higher protein and butter fat content than regular milk. It’s not homogenised, which when heated provides a consistent microfoam with a silky texture and lasting hold. It tastes great, offering a natural sweetness that doesn’t overpower the coffee.

Brades Farm segregate their milk and are in complete control of its journey from cow to consumer. By doing so, they can ensure that they are producing a product their customers want, in the way that they want it.

The welfare of their herd is at the forefront of everything they do. They are passionate about sustainability and the environment and have been feeding a natural feed supplement, which showed a 30% reduction in cows sampled during the trial period.

At Brades, they like to challenge the industry standard and show that milk can be traceable, affordable, high quality, healthy, produced mindfully and now climate smarter.