Mexico, a new country to source from

Biodiversity is at the heart of what makes specialty coffee so interesting. Coffee from Ethiopia has been spread globally and each new producing country has its own unique take on coffee.

As a company, we want to celebrate that and bring attention to origins that are able to produce spectacular coffees. Mexico has come to our attention over the past few years, we’ve had various samples from Chiapas and other regions of Mexico and found that nothing really jumped out of the table for us.

This washed lot from Las Cotorras in Chiapas is a great example of both biodiversity and an exciting profile. It’s tasting notes of Lime; bell pepper and Cocoa are fairly unusual in specialty coffee. That savoury/sweet element can sometimes be seen as a defective issue or perhaps a result of under-roasting the coffee. However, in this coffee it’s a shining attribute!

Due to the Mexican government having disassembled the Mexican Coffee Institute in the late 80’s, coffee hasn’t been a crop of much importance, although things are slowly beginning to change.

97% of coffee grown in Mexico is Arabica and the varieties grown are known for good cup quality. However, due to historic issues with Leaf Rust farmers aren’t left with much choice but to plant coffees that are more resistant and lend to a poorer cup quality.

We believe Mexico to be a great untapped resource and hope to explore the origin further over the coming years.