What filter paper is right for me?

Among the many options the filter papers we will look at are the bleached, unbleached and metal filter papers. Most other options are variations of these and the concepts remain the same. 

The unbleached filter:

As filter papers come from wood, they are naturally unbleached. This is the rawest version of the product and considered the most environmentally friendly. With the rawness of the product comes the risk of an attributed papery taste, to avoid this rinse your filter paper thoroughly before brewing to dissipate that effect.

The bleached filter:

To achieve a white filter paper there are a few methods, the most environmentally friendly of which is oxygen bleaching. 

Here you will want to use the highest quality possible, the ones found on our website are great. The bleaching in high end products can get rid of most of the papery taste, however to avoid this further you should still rinse the paper as it will also help improve your extraction as you will learn in our brewing videos.

The metal filter:

These are a different style completely as with paper filters you are inhibiting the oils from the coffee being released in to your brew. With a metal filter, the holes are porous enough to allow you to extract both the coffee and the oils, this will attribute a much heavier body/mouthfeel to the cup.

For those of you looking for a particularly dense cup of filter and looking to really thicken up the texture, this will be the filter for you.

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