Our Story

Green Coffee Bean illustration
We engage in transparent sourcing and purchasing of green coffee beans. All of the coffee we serve is graded 85+ points (out of 100) on the CQI scale, ensuring our coffee ranks in the top 5% for quality in the world coffee market.

Roasting Equipment illustrations
We roast our coffee locally at our neighbourhood café and roastery in Hackney, East London. Our head roaster Marcello prepares and roasts each coffee in small batches to a unique and dedicated roast profile. 

Water illustration
We create our own water recipe and all of our cafés use reverse osmosis filtration. This allows us to control the mineral content of the water to ensure the coffee always tastes great and most importantly, consistent.

Milk Cartoon illustration
Sourced from our friends at Brades Farm in the heart of Lune Valley, a family owned farm run by 3 generations of farmers, Brades prides itself on quality and care for their cows and their milk has been made specifically for coffee.

Barista illustration
Our staff are at the heart of what we do. Every barista is trained to SCA standards and their expertise with dialling in our coffee to exact recipes, extracting, steaming and pouring will ensure your coffee is given the care and attention it deserves time after time.