At Saint Espresso our approach is simple: we endeavor to serve simply the best tasting espresso's and espresso based drinks every time. The name Saint Espresso was inspired by the location of our shop and a commitment to serve heavenly coffee!

In order to achieve this we use the best of industry equipment, from our scales, grinders and all the way to our custom designed La Marzocco "Strada" espresso machine. Our baristas are all fully trained professionals with years of experience in the specialty coffee industry.

We offer a wide variety of coffee to our guests with regularly changing beans. We have the complete freedom to choose coffee from whichever roasters take our fancy. We order small batches and change our beans frequently. This is not the most economic way of retailing coffee, but we believe it is worth the extra cost to create a more dynamic range of coffee so you don't ever get bored.

...and if you want to try something different, we also offer great tasting hand filters in V60 or Aeropress forms and some of the finest quality cold brew coffee brewed by our friends at Sandows London.

Crafting coffee with religious care.
Coffee & food available daily.
Mon-Fri 7:30-18:00 Sat-Sun 9:00-18:00

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